What Finals Week Feels Like

Imagine waking up from a bad dream every day for a week, only that dream is your life, and there's no waking up, because you haven't slept in three days. There are no coherent moments. There is no happiness. There is only coffee and scantron sheets and 6 page essays due at midnight. There is only darkness. If you're one of the lucky ones that hasn't had to deal with this treachery, allow me to explain to you how it feels, if I can even stay awake long enough to type this.

  • Finals week feels like slamming your toe into a coffee table, every hour on the hour, for 7 to 10 consecutive days.
  • Finals week feels like being stuck in traffic for hours on the way to and from the DMV.
  • Finals week is flinching every time you hear the world "cumulative."
  • Finals week is the confusing sensation where all your friends are busy, but simultaneously angry at you for being unable hang out with them because you're busy too.
  • Finals week feels like accidentally stepping on a puppy's paw or a cat's tail.
  • Finals week is getting a text from at least one your parents saying "are you okay?"
  • Finals week feels like being on an episode of Fear Factor.
  • Finals week is being on the urge of laughing and crying hysterically, at exactly the same moment.
  • Finals week feels like you can't keep your eyes open when you're awake, and you can't keep your eyes closed when you're supposed to be asleep.
  • Finals week makes you forget what your life used to be like before finals.
  • Finals week lowers all your standards for "acceptable sleeping locations."
  • Finals week makes you wish you studied more. It makes you wish you'd picked any other combination of classes. It makes you wish you picked a different major. It makes you wish you'd picked another life completely.
  • Finals week makes you feel like you'll never be able to relax again.

But when it's over, it makes you appreciate your freedom even more. And we'll do it all over next semester. Maybe it'll be worth it... someday.

How did/do you get through finals week?


  1. Ahh good luck <3 I drink my bodyweight in tea and let myself have copious amounts of McDonalds to get through...

  2. "Finals week feels like being stuck in traffic for hours on the way to and from the DMV" That is GOLD!

    I'll never forget the feeling of finishing that last exam.. Extreme happiness and also that feeling of what the heck do I do with all this FREE TIME? Oh and also the nightmares of thinking you forgot something! Good luck! See you on the other side!


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