June 2015 // Monthly Mood Board

June 01, 2015

Is that summer in the air? Are we finally in summer?! Holy cow! I'm headed to the beach in a few days, and It's about time to sip on a piƱa colada and count how many times Summertime Sadness comes on the radio. Here's hoping you don't experience any summertime sadness, and that you have a kickass June!

Some cool things you can celebrate in June:
  • June 2nd is National Rocky Road Day.
  • June 5th is National Donut Day.
  • Make time for you BFF on Best Friends Day, June 8th.
  • of course June 21st is Father's Day.
  • and the 25th is Log Cabin Day.
  • Take Your Dog To Work Day is the 26th.
  • and how could we forget Waffle Iron Day on the 29th?

What are you looking forward to this month?

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