DIY | Tipsy Jenga

Summer is synonymous with parties, and parties are synonymous with drinking games. There are a few classic games like Kings or 'Ello Govna, but those can get tired after awhile. So why not put a twist on another classic? I'm talking Tipsy Jenga.

The rules are basically the same as original Jenga, but once you draw a tile, you have to complete the task on that tile. It gets really silly and daring after just a few turns. If you knock the tower down, you finish your drink.

I painted all my tiles white before drawing on them with sharpies, as it kept the ink from seeping into the grain of the wood. Once you decide what you want your rules to be, let your creativity flow with  the design! Below are all the rules I made for my game!
  • Go Again - if you draw this tile, you must draw another.
  • Never Have I Ever - person who puts all their fingers down first drinks.
  • Staring Contest - Challenge someone. First person to blink drinks.
  • Pick a Partner - This person must drink every time you do.
  • Categories - Pick a category. Everyone lists examples. First person to hesitate drinks.
  • Waterfall - You must drink and continue drinking until everyone else has stopped.
  • Everyone Drinks - Self explanatory.
  • Take a Shot - Self explanatory.
  • Neighbors Drink - Those on your right and left must drink.
  • Ladies - Girls drink.
  • Gents - Guys drink.
  • Edward Scissorhands - You must pull any future Jenga tiles using forks and only forks.
  • Rhyme - Pick a word. Everyone must say a word that rhymes. First to hesitate drinks.
  • Hot Seat - Everyone asks you a personal question.
  • Outcast - Nobody can talk to you until the game is over.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors - Pick a partner. Loser drinks.
  • Find a Hat - You have 30 seconds to find a hat or use a household object as a hat.
  • Mystery Shot - Person directly across from you gets to pick a shot for you to take. Could be ketchup, could be water, etc.
  • New Rule (4 tiles) - If you draw this, you get to make a rule that lasts for the rest of the game.
  • Group Selfie - Take a group selfie and post it to your social media. Group gets to choose the hashtag.
  • Most Embarrassing Moment - Tell an embarrassing story
  • Confession - Confess something to the group.
  • Take a Shot - Self explanatory.
  • Give a Shot - You can give anyone in the group a shot of your choice.
  • Name Genie - Give everyone a new name.
  • Mustache - This tile has a mustache on it. You must hold this on your top lip for the rest of the game.
  • Rainbow Warrior - Pick a color. Anyone wearing this color must drink.
  • Break a Rule - You have the power to stop any rule.
  • Reverse - You now draw tiles in reverse order.
  • Youngest - Youngest person drinks.
  • Oldest - Oldest person drinks.
  • Copycat - Pick a person to copy. You must copy their movements, and drink when they drink.
  • Single - If you're single, drink.
  • Dating - If you're taken, drink.
  • 1 Sip - Self explanatory.
  • 2 Sips - Self explanatory.
  • 3 Sips - Self explanatory.
  • Best Butt - You get to pick who has the best butt. That person drinks.
  • Two Truths and a Lie - Tell 2 truths and a lie. Everyone guesses which is the lie. Losers drink.
  • Sobriety Test - You must walk in a straight line or say the alphabet backwards. If you fail, you drink.
  • Siblings - Drink for every sibling you have.
  • Compliments - Give everyone in the group a compliment.
  • Tribal Council - Everyone votes for someone to drink.
  • Dog Owners Drink - Self explanatory.
  • Cat Owners Drink - Self explanatory.

And that's Tipsy Jenga! If you end up making one of these, I'd love to know what rules you pick! Keep in mind to drink responsibly, and that you can totally play this game with soda, water, or no drinks at all! Have fun with it :)

What are your favorite "drinking games?"
Would you ever play Tipsy Jenga?


  1. I've always wanted to build my own Tipsy Jenga, and since I'm going camping with friends in August, I figure I finally have time AND a reason to do so! Thanks for the DIY - I'm definitely going to be stealing this brilliant model :D


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