If I Ran Facebook...

July 03, 2015

If I were Mark Zuckerberg, I would make some changes. Other than making myself the queen of Facebook, I would make some new rules, and set some new limits. Of course I'm not sure how "legal" my new Facebook laws would be, but I think they would make all of our online lives a bit easier, and a hell of a lot less annoying.

If I Ran Facebook, I would...

  • Enforce a selfie limit - I'd like there to be a daily limit of how many selfies you can post. Let's call that limit 5. You are a gorgeous human being, but the world might not need more than 5 posts of your face in a day. You are allowed to break that limit for special occasions, like wedding photos, etc.
  • Create a "Dislike" button - When someone posts about their car breaking down, it seems like a better thing to dislike that post rather than like it. Of course people don't like the fact that that your car broke down, that sucks! Dislike buttons would be disabled on profile pics and the like. We can't have people being rude just for the heck of it.
  • #FreeTheNipple - I would make breastfeeding photos and artistic nude photography/art 100% ay-okay on Facebook. There's nothing pornographic about a breast, especially when it has a baby attached. As long as there's nothing lewd about the photo, I see no problem with having a few nips on my timeline.
  • Make a "content filtering" or "trigger warning" system - I know you can mute certain people from your timeline, but what about those unpleasant posts that sneak up on you anyway? I'd like to be able to block posts with particular subject matters. I understand why people share certain heavy things, but I believe that I should be able to opt out of seeing certain types of posts. For instance, I'd rather not see photos of mutilated animals, even though I know animal abuse is a horrible crime that needs more attention. I'd rather not see the old sick dog eating a plate of hotdogs in that "I died today..." post (please don't cick that link unless you want to cry), even though I know people shared it to celebrate the sweet pup's life. It's a totally different ballgame, but I'd also rather not see anyone defending the confederate flag. You get the idea. I'd at least like a warning.
  • Ban "Share for Jesus, Ignore for Satan" etc. There is seriously no point to this. Like for blue, comment for red? Who really cares??!! It's the Facebook equivalent of junk mail, and I hate it. Absolutely nothing is getting accomplished with these posts.
  • Now you can only invite someone to play one game a year. One time. Once a year.
  • Make a post limit - there is no real reason to post more than 8 times a day. Nobody is that important. Blogs only need to post once per day, for example. And we do just fine!
  • Create "top priority" friends - I know you can "see less" from people, but what if you want to "see more?" And I don't mean get notifications every time they post. That's just annoying. Wait a minute... am I trying to resurrect myspace?
  • Make an encouragement button - Of course you can comment and like, but what about a "we're rooting for you" or "you can do it!" button. Or an option to send support anonymously (or non-anonymously) to someone without having to feel awkward about sending them a private message. Something short and sweet that lets people know you're doing a good thing or that they care.
Do you accept these terms and conditions?

What would you do if you ran Facebook?


  1. I agree with you, and artistic nude .... depends who think is artistic? Breast feeding is ok But thee are people out there that are so eager for attention they will do anything. For a like. So lets keep it for breast feeding or Nude in case of a breast removal surgery do cancer of something when they embrace scars.

  2. JESS! I love the idea of the encouragement button!
    I don't know where the Facebook algorithm's are at right now, but they are not showing me anything that I enjoy!
    I wish there was some 'are you sure you want to like this video/tag this person?' pop-up because people honestly like/share the most boring mundane videos, or tag me in absolute crap - and I think really? This is what you want to be sharing with the world?
    Kelsey x

  3. Haha I always feel weird when someone posts a sad status. Like, how do I acknowledge it without "liking" something that I actually don't like, hah.

  4. can you please run facebook? i feel it would be a much more enjoyable platform if this was the case! great post x


  5. The encouragement button - yesss! That's a great idea. Spread more love to our friends. :)

  6. I'm a fan of the top priority friend list! Sometimes my feed is full of ads and notifications from people I don't care about, making me overlook the stuff I want to see!

  7. Uhhhh I really hope Zuckerberg is listening here. AMEN SISTA

  8. This is awesome. I really agree with #2, 3, and 8. :)

    If I could change one thing on facebook it would be to be able to choose whether or not to have an "Add Friend" button on your profile. Sometimes I just don't want people to add me as friends and I feel rude if I decline their request so I'd rather just not have that option. I know that's what makes Facebook a social network but if we could just have the option to send messages instead, it would make the person who wants to be your friend actually be forced to talk to you instead of just sending a request and then never saying a word to you after that. It would make facebook feel more personal and it would avoid being friends with people who just want to "spy" on you.

  9. I vote for you for Facebook president!


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