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July 01, 2015

It's July! And just like that, half the year is gone! July is gonna be a crazy month for me. Not only do I have two classes and an internship, I'm doing quite a bit of traveling, which is going to be awesome!

Here are a few random holidays you can celebrate in July!
  • July 1st - Canada Day, eh!
  • July 4th - Independence Day
  • July 6th - Kissing Day & Fried Chicken Day (sounds like my kind of holiday!)
  • July 7th - Chocolate Day
  • July 19th - National Ice Cream Day
  • July 20th - National Lollipop Day and Moon Day 
  • July 26th - My birthday, yay! (not a holiday, obvs)
  • July 29th - National Lasagna Day 
  • July 30th - National Cheesecake Day and International Day of Friendship 
  • July 31st - Mutt's Day
Sounds like a great month of celebrating food, friends, and dogs, amirite?!
Hope your July is awesome, stay tuned for some fun stuff this month, like my road trip to Nashville!

What do you have planned for July?
Which holidays will you be celebrating?

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  1. So far I only planned on celebrating independence day, but upon hearing of these other holidays, I think I'll be celebrating some of those as well. What fun!


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