Nashville | Day One (Driving, More Driving, + Famous Ice Cream)

Yesterday, Sabrina and I began our road trip to Nashville. We hopped in the car at 7:30AM, hit the road, and never looked back... for 9 and a half hours. For those of you that don't know the story, Sabrina and I were roommates for all of 2014, but she moved back to Germany earlier this year. When she came back to the states for a visit, we decided it was the perfect time to go on the roadtrip to Nashville we'd been planning since the day we met. How cute and friendship-romantic is that? We're actually following our dreams here, it's happening!

We drove. And we drove. And we drove some more. I never once let a Meghan Trainor song play on the radio, but we heard Taylor Swift's Bad Blood about 42 times (the rental car wouldn't let my phone connect to the bluetooth or the aux input, rude!)

We drove, and we started to lose hope, until we saw...


It was a long 9 hours, but I was glad to be able to spend the time catching up with Sabrina, eating blueberries, and deciding that I actually really hate Bad Blood. (Sorry Taylor fans... you gotta admit that there are way better songs on 1989 though, amirite?!)

Wanna know what the first thing we did in Nashville was? Do ya?!

We went to the world famous Pied Piper Creamery! I saw this place featured on Unique Sweets on the Cooking Channel not too long ago and knew I needed to go there. I'm not even joking when I say this, it was pretty much worth the 9 hour drive. For real. It was definitely worth breaking my no-dairy rule for one scoop! (I've been good since, I promise.) They offer lactaid at checkout too, which is great for anyone that has dairy sensitivity. So nice of them!

They had a million flavors to pick from, but when we finally picked, Sabrina got "Oreo Speedwagon," a mocha ice cream with oreos mixed in. I got the hilariously and strangely named "Trailer Trash," vanilla ice cream with Oreo, Twix, Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, Snickers, M&Ms, and Reese’s Pieces. YES.

I would totally go back to Pied Piper Creamery, and we might just have to go again on our way out of town. Oops.

After visiting PPC, we headed to the hotel, and I slept like I'd never slept before. I think it was the first time in my adult life that I'd fallen asleep before 11pm, even if it was central time. Driving for 9 hours straight will do that to you.

Have you ever been to Nashville?
What's your favorite ice cream flavor?


  1. Haha, I never let Meghan Trainor's voice invade my car either. I was okay with Bad Blood the first 32 times I heard it, but now it drives me nuts. Wow, that ice cream sounds amazing, it would be so hard to choose, but I am a sucker for anything coffee flavored!

  2. Nashville sounds great in the summer! I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  3. Ohh I love Nashville! I went for NYE this past year and it was so much fun (and colder than NYC eek!) Have to go back in the nicer weather for sure.

  4. This is so cute, sounds like an awesome time! P.S. I hate Bad Blood too :-P


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