Nashville | Day Four (Burgess Falls + Hutton Hotel)

On our last day in Nashville, we stopped in to Blue Sky Cafe for some breakfast. Sabrina had seen photos of the pancake and french toast combo on Instagram, and she knew she had to get it. Don't they look fantastic?! Banana and Nutella - a classic.

I got the Eggs Benedict, my all-time favorite breakfast choice. Blue Sky Cafe definitely did not disappoint! The home fries that came with it were awesome too.

It was sad saying goodbye to this lovely city, but it was great to see the entire skyline through our hotel window. We stayed at the Hutton Hotel, a gorgeous place in the downtown area. We were greeted by Hutton's charming atmosphere, got to sit down with Ashley at check-in who told us all about the Hutton experience, and they even offered a wine hour for all the guests. How cool is that?

The Hutton hooked us up! Our room was so inviting, and the beds were super comfortable. (Am I the only person who wants to steal the pillows when I travel? I never do, but I always want to!) They even left me a little treat and a note to say hello. So nice of them!

Comfy beds, big windows, and a killer view. What more could a girl ask for?

On our way out of town, we planned to stop at Burgess Falls State Park, a local favorite that promised big cascading waterfalls. I thought it would be the perfect way to break up our drive home a little, but when we got to the park, a ranger told us that the park had experienced some flood damage over the 4th of July weekend. Thankfully, we were still able to have a short hike and see some of the falls.

This is the lower falls, which was just as gorgeous as I expected it to be. It was sad that we weren't able to get to the biggest falls, but I was definitely impressed with what we did get to see!

Our trip to Tennessee was so great. We got to do everything we planned to do, and even more! Though I wish we had more time in town, I'm glad we were able to get so much done in such a short time. I the highlights were definitely Hattie B's chicken and the show at The Bluebird Cafe.

What is your favorite breakfast?
What would you do if you had a few days in Nashville?


  1. Looks like you're having such a fun and magical trip!

  2. Banana and nutella is one of my all time favorite combos! And oh my gosh, that hotel looks insanely awesome! What comfy looking beds :D

  3. Yum, that first photo looks deliciously delicious! And that hotel looks like a super cozy place to stay. I have never given Nashville much thought but it does seem like a very pretty place to visit so hopefully I'll get the opportunity to see it sometime! :)

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time!! :)

  5. Pancakes and banana and Nutella - oh my! Those breakfasts look incredible. I think I'd have went for the pancakes though, to satisfy my chronic sweet tooth!

    Oh, and the Hutton Hotel looks gorgeous - I love the styling of the room and what a view!


  6. I really love crepes. The best breakfast ever is actually pancakes from a local place. They're as big as a dinner plate and paired with their syrup, it's scrumptious. They're incredibly cheap, too.


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