Things I Don't Understand

Plot twist: I don't know everything. There's a lot of things that I've been unable to wrap my head around, and maybe some things I'll never understand. If you're wiser than I am, maybe you can enlighten me?

Things I just don't understand:
  • The concept of algebra and why it exists.
  • Math, in general.
  • Why people often times say "should of" or "irregardless" instead of "should have" and "regardless."
  • Why college textbooks are so freaking expensive.
  • Why sales tax isn't just added to the sticker price (in the US.) Something that costs $20 should actually be $20, not $21.20.
  • Why people think it's okay to blast music from their phone, or sing, or hum on public transportation.
  • Why abstinence-only education is still a thing.
  • Why shorts always ride up my thighs.
  • Why it's such a hassle to take makeup off at night.
  • Why people use Facebook to start fights and air their dirty laundry.
  • Snapchat.
  • Why United States of Tara didn't get more seasons.
  • Same with Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23. I really liked that show!
  • Why people buy Twitter and Instagram followers.
  • When people say "I hate reading" like they're proud of it!
  • Why everyone on Pinterest seems to be so obsessed with minimalism AND also decorating things heavily. Like an all white bookshelf cluttered with other all-white or neutral colored items, with not a book or anything truly useful in sight. I don't get it!
  • Why people seem to like using the word "awkward" so much. Nothing is awkward unless you make it awkward, hello!
  • Why my Wii console does everything except for play DVDs.
  • Why people insist on driving well under the speed limit... in the fast lane.
  • Why anyone refers to their husband or boyfriend as "Hubby."
  • The obsession with sloths. Yeah, the baby ones are cute, but they're also kind of creepy.
  • Ordering a donut without sprinkles.
  • Why people are actually supporting Donald Trump's presidential campaign.
  • White chocolate.
Do you understand any of these things?
What are some things that you just don't get?


  1. LOVE this list!!!
    sales tax SHOULD be included in the sticker price!! YES!!
    i 1000000% agree you you! US of Tara should NEVER have been canceled (neither should have pushing daisies!!)
    if you hate reading it should be your deep dark dirty secret that you share with no one. it is not an accomplishment it is sad & disappointing!

  2. yes yes yes to so many of these things! Especially "When people say "I hate reading" like they're proud of it!" -- what is that about? I don't even understand how it's possible for someone to hate reading...

    And of course, MATH. OMG. It's so stupid. And I'm even more stupid because I could never learn it (I literally spent about 3 college years trying to pass all my math requirements- it was beyond frustrating!)

  3. I don't understand why white chocolate exists either. It shouldn't even be considered chocolate! Also, math is the devil.

  4. I like this list I really like the Trump one lol :)

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  5. Hahaha you are too funny! I am a huge animal lover, but I also don't get the obsession with sloths. Also bacon. I have had it, its good, not a reason for everyone to freak out.

  6. Hilarious!!!! Great picks! Most are very confusing to me as well! :)


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