Why I Changed My Social Media Identity

What's in a name? Not vowels anymore, apparently.

Recently, I changed all of my social media usernames from the (slightly confusing) name I'd had since high school. That name was given to me by a friend that said my eyes look like a green gemstone mineral called Olivine. For some reason it stuck and for around 4 years my name was "olivineeyes" on social media.

A few weeks ago, I attended a Women in Business seminar held by the Panhellenic Council at my school. The speaker told us the importance of branding ourselves and creating a professional atmosphere for ourselves online.

As a blogger, that really struck home for me. I've always struggled with "finding myself" brand wise and have pondered the separation of self from blog and wondering if I should market myself or simply market my website. 

I still haven't decided on the specifics, but I did make one important step in tidying up my online presence - my name.

I am now "jssbckly" absolutely everywhere. Though it's strange that I took out all the vowels of my name, I figured it was original and I could still uphold my identity without using anything too cutesy or embarrassing. I originally wanted to use writinginredlipstick, but that was too long for many of the accounts. 

I hope that this change will bring me more consistency in my social media presence, and will also keep me accountable for what I post online (not that I was posting anything real crazy before)

That being said, go follow me on:

What are your old embarrassing screen names?
Have you made any changes like this in the past?


  1. Interesting thoughts! I am terrible at deciding on usernames and don't love the ones I choose for any of my accounts. But, I haven't reached the point yet where they bother me so much I want to start thinking of a new one!

  2. Goodness, if I removed all the vows from my name, I would just be m. Hahaha

    Interesting thoughts though, and a great time to be considering them. Your online presence is SO important when it comes to finding and landing your first job out of college. I am always trying to convey that to my students.



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