Little Black Bra Party | Rigby & Peller

Earlier this week I attended the Little Black Bra Party at Rigby & Peller. The company recently opened up locations in the US, and Tysons Corner is one of Rigby & Peller's new homes. When I stopped by the store, I was greeted by their Lingerie Stylists who were so friendly and welcoming!

I chatted with Vera and Samira for a while about Rigby & Peller's products, learned about which type of bras would be best for bustier types like me, and decided to get fitted for a bra.

Vera alleviated all my concerns with getting fitted for lingerie, taught me so much about how a bra should actually fit, and made me feel like a rock star! I'd always thought I was a 38 C, but it turns out I'm actually a 36 DD! Who knew!

I also had the opportunity to learn about their Little Black Bras! I loved that there were style options for women of every size and shape, and that shopping for lingerie with the experts at Rigby & Peller was truly a custom tailored experience.

Alongside lingerie, they also have sleepwear and shapewear! I will totally be back for another visit, likely to pick up a strapless bra or a comfy robe! 

The ladies at Rigby & Peller made lingerie shopping such a fun and relaxing experience. They even wanted to take a selfie with me after my appointment. How sweet are they?!

They sent me home with the Madame Butterfly bra, which was the favorite that I tried on. I love the decorative straps and flower detailing. This is the most fun bra I've ever owned, and it makes me feel like a mermaid princess! I would totally recommend Rigby & Peller for all your lingerie needs!

Have you ever had a bra fitting?
Were you surprised at your result?


  1. ah this sounds like a great shopping experience, so nice to have great customer service when lingerie shopping! x

  2. This sounds like it was so much fun! I got fitted once, at Victoria's Secret, but they bra they had me get, never fit me right so who knows what happened there!


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