5 Ways To Stop Wasting Time On Your Phone

5 ways to stop wasting time on your phone
Over the past few months I've been slowly weeding out the amount of time I spend on my phone. I always found myself staring at my screen when there was a little bit of downtime in class or at work, and I could even spend hours wasting time on my phone during days off.

When I figured out that I needed to stop spending so much time on my phone, I devised a plan. I would limit my phone usage to answering texts, get rid of unnecessary apps, and use my phone as a productivity device rather than a distraction.

Here are 5 Ways To Stop Wasting Time On Your Phone:

1. Delete the apps that aren't doing anything for you
If you're a blogger, you know how important Instagram is. I personally couldn't even dream of deleting Instagram, but to someone out there who rarely posts, it's likely a time suck. If you find yourself becoming aimless on an app, delete it. If the app isn't inspiring you, doing something for your business, or you notice yourself feeling worse after using it, get rid of it. Rip the bandaid right off and delete it.

     Apps I deleted and why: 

     Facebook - This is the website that annoys me the most, and I usually find myself drawn into some futile argument or lurking on people I haven't talked to in years. Deleting this app has been so freeing. I usually check my notifications on my computer once a day, and that is truly all I need. I do still have messenger installed on my phone, so I can be in touch when people want to talk to me.

     Snapchat - I deleted Snapchat because I think it is utterly pointless. It's like texting, but takes up way more time and energy. Plus, I don't really care to look through 20+ people's five minute "stories" featuring duck faces, starbucks cups, and the same thing day in and day out. There is really no redeeming quality to Snapchat in my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

     Tumblr - I have always been a fan of Tumblr but I deleted the app because I noticed it was taking up a lot of space on my phone, and I don't really use it as often as I thought I would. I don't need excuses to fall down the rabbit hole, so I thought Tumblr I could delete that would at least save me some battery life or memory.

2. Use your phone to be productive, not obstructive.
When you use your mobile device, think of it as a way to keep track of what you've gotten done, rather than something you pick up to avoid your task. Keep to-do lists. Use Evernote or the reminders feature on the iPhone. The List App is a cool new one as well. Find a productivity method that works for you and use that when you're feeling stuck for inspiration.

3. Use your phone for good.
UNICEF has an an app called the UNICEF Tap Project that you can save to your home screen and use when you want to stay off your phone. For every 15 minutes that you use the app (meaning you're not touching your phone) UNICEF will donate 1 day's worth of water to those in need. I've heard of a few other apps like this for various causes. If you know of any more please let me know!

4. Find another hobby.
If you keep yourself busy, it's pretty likely that you won't use your phone as much. Find an activity you're passionate about, or one you've been putting off, and immerse yourself in that. Read a book. Learn a new language. Finally work on that painting you've been meaning to finish. Organize your closet. Get things done!

5. Use the "do not disturb" feature.
If there's a certain amount of time that you want to stay off your phone, put it in Do Not Disturb mode. You'll still be notified of repetitive calls - which is good in case of emergency - but most often phone notifications are from social media or text messages that can be attended to at a later time. Alternatively, give yourself a specific time of day to check Twitter or Instagram. Set a time limit, and keep your device on "do not disturb" when you have more important things to focus on.

Do you have any tips for staying off your phone?


  1. I've been feeling the same way lately. Thanks for sharing the UNICEF app - I'm on my way to download it now!

  2. I've deleted the YouTube app - it's ridiculous how much time I can spend watching pointless videos! Also, I'll probably download the UNICEF app after your mention.

    Jemima x


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