Seven Things

Over the past 5 days I've been stuck inside, consuming lethal amounts of Netflix and Diet Arnold Palmer. It lead me to spend entirely too much time cleaning out my entire bedroom (closet included,) and allowed me to discover many things in the deep recesses of the internet. YouTube and StumbleUpon have been my saving graces during #WinterStormJonas. They inspired this list of 7 Things:

1. Recent Youtube Obsessions: You Suck At Cooking has been making me laugh until I cry. I can't believe his videos haven't blown up bigger than they have. I've also been loving Samantha Maria's videos. She's so down to earth and stylish and beautiful, I just can't.

2. I recently discovered Floss Gloss, an indie nail polish brand with super unique colors and products.  They have zodiac themed nail polish sets! And Smoke on the Nail is basically the color of my dreams!

3. I scored a KitchenAid Hand Mixer for $19 by using Raise. My cooking game is about to be so out of this world! What should I make first?

4. For some reason during the storm, I'd gotten it into my head that I desperately need this mirror from Ikea, but I found out they don't sell it anymore and I was devastated. It was a 48 hour emotional roller coaster. Does this happen to anyone else? Please let me know so I don't feel so crazy. On day 5 of my imprisonment, I discovered that they sell this very similar mirror at Kohls. I just have to wait until "Kohls Cash" season starts up again and I'm making that sucker mine!

5. LUSH's Valentines Day collection is making my wallet hurt already, and I can't even get out of the house to go buy it. If you're up for a DIY, check out my version of their "The Kiss" lip scrub!

6. The lovely Angie of My So Called Chaos featured me as one of her 10 Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow on Instagram! So sweet of her!

7. Speaking of Instagram, the account Quarter Life Poetry has been speaking to me on so many levels. Which poem is your favorite?

What have you been loving lately?


  1. Sammi is my favorite blogger and youtuber. I've been a subscriber and follower for years! She's such a lovely human!

    Katie |

  2. I'd never heard of Raise before but now I want to try it. Hand mixers really are life-changing!

    District of Chic


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