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Hi there friends! Today I have an exciting announcement, as I've just opened up a shop! This is something I've had in mind for quite a while, and I knew the new year was the perfect time to get it done!

My shop, which will feature items like pins, jewelry, and vintage bits and bobs, is called Red Lip Collective, or RedLipCo for short. I have so many fun ideas for items, and can't wait to begin sharing my personal style and creations with the world. I currently have three items listed, but have way more to come. Please let me know what you think, as I'd love all the feedback I can get!

You can check out the shop on Etsy or on the newly launched REDLIPCO.COM!

And thank you all for your endless support. It truly means the world to me!

Also, be sure to Follow @RedLipCo on Instagram for fun stuff like sales codes and giveaways!

Much love

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  1. This is exciting! Best of luck, and the shop looks so cute! I love your blog as well!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n


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