A Promise to My Readers (+ Why I'm Not Buying Blogger BS)

Before I start this post I think I need to add a pretty hefty disclaimer. I am not coming for or calling out any of you. This is not and will not be directed at anyone in particular. You are allowed to make, do, and sell anything you want within your own personal internet space. I am passing no judgement nor condemning anyone for their actions. Nor am I attempting to belittle those that use their internet space for the type of things mentioned in this post. This is simply my promise to my own readers, and the only person I expect to abide by this is myself. I do not intend to upset or offend anyone with this post. Please do not use this promise as a template to judge other bloggers. I can and will only speak for myself.

Whew okay. Now that our panties are unbunched, let's start, shall we?

Writing in Red Lipstick is a for-profit blog. This simply means that I have made a point to monetize my internet space. This is mainly through Google Adsense and affiliate programs, in which the income is extremely passive. It depends on you, my reader, to be interested and click on links or ads that are displayed on my site. As you know, you are not required to participate in this, and that is perfectly okay with me.

The other way I make money is through sponsored posts. I usually make a point to post only one of these a month or less, as I am sure to only post about products that I would normally purchase with my own money, in order to stay 100% honest and transparent with you, my reader.

I also make money with my Etsy shop. On Etsy, I offer physical products or design work that has either been hand made or hand picked (vintage) by myself and myself only. I will never sell anyone else's work (unless vintage), intellectual property, or an item that I did not hand make or design myself.

I will not be making money by offering you an "expert opinion" on anything. You will never see a vague "master class" detailing nothing in particular, or filled with info you can find with a simple google search. You'll never find a live stream video of me promising fame and success if you just sign up for my workshops. I will never offer you health or spiritual help in exchange for your last paycheck. You'll never see a $300 eBook for sale on this site. Any of my experience or knowledge will be offered for free. I don't need an imaginary "leg up" on my readers. Unless I get a legit book deal, I will not be selling you my words or experience, ever.

On this blog, I intend to keep things 100% transparent. You will always know when I'm making money from something. You can always expect my honest opinion on this blog. I'm not here to be glossed over or to sell you an image or ideas. I'm here to deliver you my perspective and my realness. For free.

I will not spam you with popups. I will not ask you to pay me to join my exclusive club.

What I will do is try my best to offer you relevant, heartfelt, and inspiring content. I can share my personal style and hopes and dreams and travels with you. I can share my triumphs and losses with you. I can be your friend, and you can be mine. 

I want my readers to be able to trust me, understand my motives, and for this internet space to be a place to teach, learn, and celebrate.

Thank you for continuing to come back to my blog, and for interacting with me on social media. I love that the internet has become a space for friends, and I cherish each and every one of you.

Much love


  1. but if we don't have an awkward skype session how will I ever learn to make a million dollars and unlock my inner shining business goddess? LOL

    thanks for the read. love it.

    1. It's like, I see other people offering this load of crap on their blog and wonder how they can live with themselves ??? Bless the poor souls who spend two weeks worth of pay on that awkward skype session, but c'mon kiddos. C'mon.


  2. You will always be my favorite girl <3 xxx

  3. So refreshing to see a blogger being open and transparent with her readers. It's easy to lose sight of why you started blogging in the first place in this age of monetization. Great post!

    District of Chic

  4. Hahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaha....you must have heard me talking to myself in the car today. It is kinda getting out of hand isn't it?

  5. Nice post! Every reader should know that their fave bloggers are here for them, but that our internet space also allows us to make some money too. Great to see how honest you are. :)

  6. Preach, girl. I run my blog exactly the same way. Honestly, transparency, and without gimmicks. All I want to do is play with makeup, tell people what is worth spending their money on, and offer them some tips and tricks along the way. If someone wants to buy something I recommended and I earn a commission from it, awesome. If not, that's cool too. I totally appreciate your desire for integrity and to make genuine connections with people on your blog. Keep it up :-)

  7. Sometimes it's nice to just clear the air so that no one has a misunderstanding. It's nice to come to a blog and for them to be honest about it. It makes me - the reader trust you more if you are up front about everything (that matters). I wish you well in your endeavor.

    Ps. Those pins are too cute.

  8. This is beautiful. It's exactly how I am with my bloggers as well. I'm up front about the posts that are sponsored and I refuse to share anything I don't like. Everything I post is 100% transparent. As. It. Should. Be.

    It's a shame not everybody understands that.


  9. Love your honesty! I wish more blogs said this and we're so open about how they make money. Keep up the great work.

  10. Transparency is usually a blessing. Keep it going and good luck!

  11. Transparency is KEY! And oh ya, those awkward videos..... I have seen a few. Our videos are 100% free and much better quality with years and years of professional experience. But someone is going to get offended lol.


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