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national cherry blossom festival
Happy Tuesday, friends! Hope you're getting out to enjoy spring! It will be summer before we know it, and I am really not ready for it to be 90 degrees again! Though it's past peak time for the Cherry Blossoms in DC, I was still able to snap this picture. The blossoms are definitely one of my favorite things about living near the nation's capital! Here are 7 other things I've been loving lately:

1. I've been planning a Harry Potter House Cup party, and these drinks will definitely be on the menu!

2. Find out which famous author you share a writing style with here. I got David Foster Wallace, which is funny because I've had a professor say that too!

3. I've been wanting to upgrade my camera, and I'm thinking about this model. Any suggestions?

4. Aerie just launched their line of underwear for men, and the ad they made could not be more cute and hilarious! Love the body positivity! Way to go Aerie!

5. I'm becoming such a plant mom. And I need each and every one of these.

6. Literary themed candles? Yes please.

7. Looking for a unique place to vacation? Check out these awesome AirBNB rentals.

What are you loving lately?


  1. I tried that "I Write Like..." thing and I got Margaret Atwood and Chuck Palahniuk. So neat!

  2. Lol! I tried your writing style thing and I got Cory Doctorow - I don't even know who he is! Fun. (And BTW I'm jealous of your HP party. I might steal your idea!)

  3. Such a beautiful photo! Happy spring :)

  4. I don't shoot Cannon, but I have asked for a Nikon 750 for my birthday - my only advice would be to make sure you buy a camera with a full frame! :)

  5. Such an awesome collection of random finds! My boyfriend is going to love that writing analyzer. Although I probably shouldn't tell him DFW is one of the possible outcomes, cause he'll be super bummed if he doesn't get it :-p

  6. I loved living near D.C., it is such a fun place to be. I am loving planting vegetables for the spring. There is something so invigorating about watching new life transform with the seasons.

  7. My sister is having a harry potter trivia planned party for her 26th birthday in a few weeks- I can't wait!!

  8. The ad looks fantastic, can't wait to properly watch it after I get off from work (not sure my managers would appreciate me looking at half naked people during working hours..!)

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  9. Really enjoyed this post. I tried the writer thing and got Stephen King! Clearly, I'm under-performing LOL

  10. The Canon S5i is a great camera! The lens that comes with it is great for starting out with and you can always upgrade the lens and get adds ons further down the line! I've been shooting with a canon for almost 2 years now and I love it!


  11. what a fun post! i love the hp drinks and the airbnb list:-) (and i also want to have a harry potter party!) buying a new camera is always so exciting, good luck with that! i've got the canon 60d which i do really like and although i don't know about the model you're looking at i'd tell you to go with canon, haha! i got cory doctorow on the writing thing but i'm going to keep trying with different text samples until i get someone i like/know (ha)! xx


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