How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

For the past few years I've been an iced coffee fanatic. It's refreshing, has great flavor, and best of all, doesn't burn the crap out of your mouth! There's not much waiting involved in drinking iced coffee, unless you count the amount of time you spend in line at Starbucks. Let's be honest here, that Starbucks line can get really long. With twenty people in front of you, each ordering their specific concoction of shots and pumps, on a busy day, that just won't cut it! I know, a lot of people refuse to make iced coffee at home with traditionally brewed coffee because the ice will melt too fast and make it watered down (and just plain sad!), but I have a solution, and that solution is my good friend Cold Brew.

Originally invented and made popular by hipsters (how ironic, also - I didn't fact check this) and independent coffee shops, cold brew has been a sort of mythical creation among coffee lovers. Since it's only really effective to brew in small batches, cold brew is perfect for the record collecting, flannel wearing bohemian, because it's exclusive. It's also really awesome for regular people with regular lives because it's surprisingly easy to make!

To make cold brew coffee you will need:
  • Coffee grounds (your choice) 
  • A brewing vessel - such as a french press or mason jar & coffee filter. 
  • Time 
  • Whatever else you put in your coffee (ie. cream and sugar) 
The steps are simple:

  1. Scoop 2tbsp of coffee grounds into your container for every 8oz of water. (Alternatively - follow the directions on your bag of ground coffee for exact measurements.) Fill container with cold water. Give it a good stir. Pop it in the fridge for at least 3 hours. I leave mine overnight.

  2. After coffee has brewed, give it another stir, and then apply your filtering method. For the french press, slowly press down on the bar to filter the coffee. For the jar method, slowly pour your coffee into a cup with a coffee filter to catch the grounds.

  3. Once your coffee is filtered, add your desired ingredients and enjoy!

And there you have it! A delicious cup of iced coffee that's not watered down in the slightest. Full of flavor and fun to make. It might even make you seem just a little bit more hip ;)

What's your favorite flavor of coffee?
Have you ever tried cold brew?


  1. Yummy! I just tried cold-brewed coffee a couple days ago, and I don't think I'm looking back!

  2. I must try this! I have been on a quest to make the best coffee ever at home, and I haven't found a good technique yet. I am a lover of iced coffee so this sounds awesome!

  3. Wow! Loved it. Definitely going to try.

  4. I love iced coffee so much, I definitely need to start making it at home myself! x
    Louise |


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