7 Things

It's that time again, time for some inspiration! While I'm here avoiding the mid-June VA humidity, here are seven more things I'm loving lately! Stay cool, friends ;)

1. I may have mentioned it in a previous post, but I've pretty much jumped on the minimalist bandwagon. Though I'm always careful to label myself, I'm really attracted to the idea of minimalism, and have been taking steps to reduce my clutter and only shop for things when I need them. One youtuber I've recently subscribed, Rachel Aust, to has some cool videos on the subject, and though she is much more extreme with her "theme" than I could ever be, the results are really intriguing and visually striking! She owns almost zero color! So interesting.

2. I've started an ethical fashion and beauty Pinterest board, and I'm adding new stuff to it all the time. Why not follow along?

3. Honey garlic shrimp? Don't mind if I do!

4. I just bought a new pair of (faux) snake skin pumps, and these fun heels are next on my list. I'm having such a shoe moment!

5. Finding Dory! Well worth the 13 year wait. I went the morning it opened, no shame in my game.

6. I put together this midcentury modern style table last night. It took me a while (why are the instructions in DIY furniture never quite clear enough?) but I LOVE the result. It's gonna be so cute in my room!

7. This guy freaked out when he saw a bear jump in a river. I've watched the video a million times, and it only gets funnier!

What are you loving lately?


  1. Ahhhh the bear video I can't stop watching it hahahahahaha

  2. Oh my gosh, that honey garlic shrimp looks delicious!!

  3. I can't wait to see Finding Dory either! Such a fun list!

  4. I love the table you chose from Target! Target has really upped their design styles. And I cannot wait to see Finding Dory! The reviews have been stellar!

  5. Honey garlic shrimp! I don't mind if I do either!

  6. Ohhh!! I want to watch finding Dory! So glad you loved it!

  7. I really need to embrace more of the minimalist life. I have too much stuff, and my house is in a constant state of clutter. It's no bueno.

  8. Right now, I'm waaaaaay into container gardening. It's all I research. It's so addicting and fun.


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