Recent Snapshots

Hey there friends! Here are a few lil things that've been hanging out on my memory card lately. I've been crazy busy with the end of the summer semester, and crossing my fingers that I do well enough for them to hand me my degree in the fall! Other than that, I've been working a ton, putting together a ton of tissue paper decorations for my party next week, and diving headfirst into season 4 of Shameless (my favorite show at the moment, my roommate and I are obsessed.)

1. The DREAMIEST coconut cake that I picked up for my birthday on Tuesday. I'd been craving coconut cake for months, and I found the perfect one just in time for my birthday. I'm gonna attempt to make one soon, and see if I can replicate just how good it was!

2. I hit the jackpot at the used bookstore. I got my fave book from childhood, Tuck Everlasting (the exact edition I had in elementary school - the movie made me cry like a baby!) | Spark Joy by Marie Kondo (follow up to The Life-Changing Magic) | Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie - the creator of Tom's Shoes | Aim True by Kathryn Budig, my fave yoga expert - check her instagram! So full of inspiration | Wildflower by Drew Barrymore | The Joy of Cooking

3. Staying comfy while I study. Loving this laptop desk and fuzzy blanket.

4. Simplifying and reorganizing my nail polish rack. Still not completely cruelty-free, as it takes me forever to use up a bottle of nail polish. Looking to replace some of these colors with CF alternatives! Let me know if you have any favorite brands!

What are you loving lately?


  1. I absolutely love coconut cake!!! And, I'm loving that laptop desk and blanket!!


  2. All you photos are pretty, but that cake! Yum!

  3. That cake looks delicious! Happy belated birthday! I LOVED Tuck Everlasting as a kid, it would be so fun to read it again.

    La Belle Sirene 

  4. OMG, that coconut cake looks to-die-for. My mouth is actually watering.

    Also love your cute little nail polish shelf :-) I've always dreamt of one of those!

    Lately, I just indulged in a Kate Spade planner that begins August 2016 and runs through December 2017 and I'm IN LOVE. It allows me to plan all of my appointments and regular agenda items, plus leaves me plenty of room for planning blog content all in the same place. It's marvelous. Highly recommend for anyone looking to stay organized. What can I say, I'm kind of an organizational nerd ;-)

    x Kathryn

  5. That coconut cake makes my mouth water, lol. Happy birthday and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you so they give you your degree in the fall. Must be super exciting!

  6. Coconut cake is my everything. I have a great homemade recipe for one... must dig that up and make again!

  7. beautiful photos! that coconut cake looks AMAZING! I am also trying to move my nail polish stash to CF!


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