Seven Things

August 31, 2016

Hey babes, happy Wednesday! Classes are in full swing again, so I've been a bit quiet, but I'm showing up today with a few things I've been loving and have been interested in lately. Hope your week is going great!

1. Fall is coming! I'm not a diehard pumpkin spice fan like many people are, but these pumpkin cinnamon sugar donuts look pretty legit, plus, the recipe is easily made vegan friendly!

2. My roommates and I have been fighting over use of the foot rest for pretty much forever now. Thinking of getting this bench to serve as our ottoman.

3. Here's how to make your favorite candies into an alcoholic beverage. The peeps one seems really intriguing! Heath bar too!

4. Thinking of making your wardrobe more sustainable? Here's how!

5. I've heard amazing things about this soap. Have you tried it? Let me know what you think!

6. Kate added some super cute items to her shop. Be sure to check them out!

7. This hat is a must for any Kanye lover. (Many people are selling this hat. Not sure of original designer. If you know, lemme know.)

What are you loving lately?


  1. There are some ottomans at Target that I want SOOO badly.

  2. I really like that ottoman! It looks really comfortbale AND modern!

  3. Suger donuts would be at the top of my list. I love super cute things

  4. Oooh YES to those donuts! I can't wait for fall!

  5. I noticed it on my way to work yesterday morning. It was darker than normal when I left the house...which means fall is right around the corner! My favorite season of all!

  6. I am excited for college football. I graduated in 2012 but Saturday is my schools first home game so it's a great way to kick off a 3 day weekend.

  7. Love the sustainable wardrobe tips!

  8. Thanks for the shoutout, boo! <3

  9. Those donuts sound so yummy! Very cute bench :)

  10. My dad's been using Dr. Bronner's for like 30 years! I found it pretty drying, especially on hair, and the mint one burns. I used to use the lavender one as a kid though.


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