10 Goals for 2017

2016 was a doozy. I think pretty much everyone can agree on that. It was a bizarre, hilariously exhausting rollercoaster of a year, though not without its good points. In 2016 I graduated college, moved in with one of the coolest people on earth, made new friendships and grew existing ones. 2016 tested me in ways I never knew it could, and for the most part I made it out stronger and more prepared to roll with the punches than ever. What's that saying about rough waters making a skilled sailor? I'm not sure exactly, but it totally applies.

2016 was the "it is what it is" year for me. A year of goodbyes. A year of acceptance.
2017 will hopefully be the year of moving on to even better and brighter things.

That being said, and dramatic monologue aside, I'd like to discuss some 2017 goals. Compared to last year's goals these are pretty similar, but hey! Progress is progress.

1. Read one book a month.
I set this as a goal pretty much every year, and every year it seems to slip by me. Now that I'm no longer wrapped up in reading for classes and swirling about with papers due seemingly every 15 minutes, maybe I'll have some time to tackle that to-read list. Got any suggestions?

2. Establish a daily routine for productivity.
You know what would be nice? Eating breakfast. Waking up on time. Being an actual functioning human for more than a week at a time! A routine sounds lovely. Now how do I get one of those?

3. Take a trip to NYC. 
I've been dying to visit NYC again since I got back from my last trip (years ago!) and there's some really cool people I've been wanting to see, and museums, and shopping! There's just something about the big apple.

4. Take a trip to Toronto.
I've been bugging my roommate that I need to go try Tim Hortons and buy some maple syrup but honestly I just want to see the city! Time to get that passport renewed!

5. Continue to grow Red Lip Collective.
This year was an awesome start for my little business, and I can't wait to see how far I can take it in 2017! I've got some great new pin ideas, and I want to branch out a little with products. Hopefully it will be a hit!

6. Find a blogging schedule that works for me.
I'm sure this has graced every blogger's list at some point, but 2016 threw a wrench in my blogging schedule for sure. Busy times! Hopefully having a more consistent schedule overall will allow for more time to actually blog! Wouldn't that be nice?

7. Simplify.
With minimalism being such a "trend" (and a good one at that) in 2016 it's been making a lot of people think about their possessions with intention. I want to make an even more conscious effort to cut the superfluous out of my life. To seek clarity and quality in all things.

8. Explore my music and movie tastes.
College really put a damper on my music listening and movie watching, and it's time to change that! I want to put aside a little bit of time to discover new music (I just bought one of these!) and actually spend some evenings to tackle my ever-growing Netflix list!

9. Focus on gratitude, creativity, and beauty in the little things.
I think it's really important to take time to feel grounded and to really reflect on our blessings and the beauty in our lives. Often times things are too busy and we focus on the next item on our to do list, or the sad things, or our bank accounts. I want to spend more time with my family, admire more art, drink more tea, and get out in nature whenever I can.

10. Be supportive.
When I look around at my peers (bloggers, friends, small business owners, etc) I see so many bright and talented beings, and I want to bolster that as much as humanly possible. Whether it be attending a nearby comedy or open-mic night, dining and shopping locally, making a purchase from a rad etsy store, or simply tweeting positive vibes to someone, I want to make 2017 a year of supporting and encouraging others.

What are your 2017 resolutions?


  1. I just completed the 40 bags in 40 days challenge and it's really helped me stop hoarding stuff that I didn't really love. And if audio books count, the DC library has so many great audio books you can download straight to your phone.

  2. I deifnitely want to simplify as well and de-clutter, donate and sell a lot of my items.... great goals! The reading one is on my list every year too and I'm hoping to actually achieve it this year :) I'm only my 2nd book within a few weeks already which is a lot for me!

  3. i love these goals! i have lots of similar ones! ALSO - COME TO TORONTO! omg yassss! if you do please let me know so we can meet up and i will also recommend lots of cool stuff for you to do! :) xoxo


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