Watched, Wanted, Worn || January

Hey friends! Hope your 2017 is going well! I've jumped headfirst into a new job, have been going my usual mid-January declutter extravaganza, and have been semi-intentionally taking a break from the internet while all the dust settles. Still recuperating from 2016 a little, but I've been drinking a lot of tea, reading, and taking time (when I have it) to relax. I thought it was about time to debut a new little series here on WiRL, one that I'd like to call "Watched, Wanted, Worn" which is pretty self explanatory. Things I've been watching, wanting, and wearing!


La La Land. Y'all, this movie! I have never been a big fan of musicals, but I was SO into La La Land. Maybe it was Ryan Gosling, maybe it was the old Hollywood vibe, maybe it was the tap-dancing numbers or the John Legend cameo, but I adored this film. It's funny, emotional, visually stunning. It checked all the boxes for me, and I will definitely be grabbing it when it comes out on DVD.

Garfunkel and Oates. I've seen this series a few times through, and I'm so sad there weren't more seasons! I think the characters are just the right mix of quirky and relatable, and their songs about dating and adult life hit really close to home. Definitely worth a watch if you're into girl bands and / or comedy. Check it out on Netflix!

Mr. Kate. My YouTube subscription feed is full of interior design channels lately, like Mary Elizabeth, and my most recent favorite, Mr. Kate. I think she's really fun and adapts to each of her clients' style preferences seamlessly. I'd love for her to come redecorate my space, now just to get famous enough or earn enough coin to do so!


Midcentury brass candlesticks. Bless my roommates for putting up with me this month because I have been OBSESSING over a pair of candlesticks that I found on Etsy. I kept them in my cart for ages, just staring at them, but the moment I tried to purchase them, they sold out. Cue the sad music. Similar ones on eBay are selling for close to $100. I missed the deal of a lifetime.

A letterboard. I've needed to give myself multiple pep talks in the past few weeks so I think a letterboard would be a perfect addition to my room. I can change it up to be something really meaningful or something just kinda funny.

Matching pajama sets. There's just something about pjs that come in a matching set that make them feel just that much more comfy. I've definitely fallen into the "big T shirts as pajamas" trap in the past and I've had enough! I'm a grown ass lady. I need more cute pajamas, like yesterday.


Olive green military jacket. I've been living in this thing lately since it's been unseasonably warm for winter. I'm also really bad at dressing for the appropriate season (can't it just be fall year round?) and dressing for summer especially. I'm already dreading 90 degree temperatures and will be sad the day I have to return this jacket to its place in the closet.

Little red Coach bag. I was sent this little red bag from Coach earlier this year and I have been obsessed ever since. It's absolutely stunning quality, a beautiful color, and the perfect size for all my daily needs.

Smith's Rosebud Salve. This stuff is a GODSEND for the winter months. It smells good, it moisturizes well, and it has pretty packaging. There are other flavors and varieties if rose isn't your thing too! What more could you need?!

What have you been watching, wanting, and wearing lately?

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  1. Omg, the letterboard. We just moved offices and chalkboard painted everything and I think I may need to get this as the next addition, but then again , I want it for my room... love this idea for a post by the way!!


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