Watched, Wanted, Worn | March


Moonlight - I watched Moonlight with my mom when I was visiting for the weekend, and I found it to be such a poignant, powerful movie. The casting was superb, and there were so many subtle twists and turns that made the movie truly beautiful and haunting. I definitely recommend it.

America's Next Top Model - I finally got a Hulu account, so I knew it was time to start re-watching ANTM from the beginning. I'm not sure which cycle I left off on, but it was a real treat re-living all of that early 2000's fashion!

Vogue's Youtube Channel - I think I've watched every 73 questions video they've made, along a ton of others. I really dug Nicole Kidman's interview as well as Sarah Jessica Parker.


A new pair of clogs - I've been wanting a pair of clogs since I grew out of my embellished denim ones in the 4th grade. Swedish Hasbeens are the dream, but I'll likely go with a more affordable pair.

This Kosta Boda Lipstick Sculpture has been on my mind since I saw it months ago. It's pretty much a frivolous purchase that I'll probably never justify, but hey WHY NOT?

TheBalm Bahama Mama bronzer - summer is just around the corner, it's time for a little glow. Plus, TheBalm's packaging is to die for.


Striped wrap dress - I've been living in dresses like these because they're so easy to throw on and still look super professional and polished. Definitely a staple for any working gal's wardrobe.

Korkease sandals - I bought my first pair similar to these babies last year and I'm gonna be a lifer. There's nothing better than a good pair of sandals that are actually comfy and won't fall apart on you!

Smashbox Full Exposure - This mascara is SO GOOD, y'all. Dare I say it could top Better Than Sex, my former holy grail mascara. They're both amazing, so can't go wrong with either.

What are you watching, wanting, and wearing lately?

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