Seven Things

1. If you're looking for something kinda pointless but still fun, design your own LaCroix can here.

2. Y'all I am DYING for this matcha coconut ice cream recipe. Give me all matcha everything!!

3. Reductress may just be the best thing on the internet now. Think The Onion mixed with Cosmo and tell me you're not cry-laughing at the relatable absurdity of these articles.

4. I've been all about podcasts lately and would love some recommendations. My current favorites are Throwing Shade, Self-Helpless, Psychobabble, and Unhappy Hour. What are your favorites?

5. Is it just me or is meal prepping almost everyone's goal but it still never seems to get accomplished? I keep throwing pins on my "Meal Prep" board on Pinterest like it's gonna actually make sriracha sheet-pan chicken for me. Time to start carving out time on my Sunday schedule! If I don't decide to watch lay around watching Hulu and eating Nutella out of the jar instead.

6. Some goals for August: throw away or donate 10 things each day, start a gratitude journal, actually manage to find a meal prep schedule, and take some time to plan a few new trips for the rest of the year.

7. With a new job comes new office gear, and I've been loving this Kate Spade laptop case, Anthropologie initial mug, and this little snowglobe style glitter frame.

What's on your radar lately?

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