The Most Instagrammable Places to Visit in Washington DC (That Aren't the Monuments)

Living in the DC area has really helped me step up my Instagram game. There's so much to explore in the city, and there are gorgeous things all around just waiting to be photographed. DC has so much history, art, and culture to offer, but if you look at the DC geotag on the 'gram, you'll likely see the same five photos over and over again. The Washington Monument, The Capitol Building, The Lincoln Memorial, Georgetown Cupcakes, and The White House.

Here are a few spots that even DC locals can't help but Insta:
The Library of Congress
The Library of Congress is one of my absolute favorite places in the city. Even though it's a tourist destination, it never gets old for me. Sign up for a tour or just wander around on your own, it's definitely worth the trip.
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Any one of Shaw's pop-up theme bars.
What started out a few years back as a Christmas theme at Mockingbird Hill has quickly started a city-wide trend. This year there was a cherry blossom and Mario themed bar, last Christmas was Stranger Things themed, and I assume there are even more pop-up bars to come!
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The Hense Installation (now Blind Whino)
I visited the Hense mural a few years back and it has since been turned into a hub for the arts in Southwest DC. You can even get married there!

The Renwick Gallery
I visited the Renwick Gallery for the first time last year and still remain in awe of the installations that span from ceiling to floor. This smaller branch of the Smithsonian Institute is a hub for locals and artsy-inclined tourists alike, and is a much more interactive experience than the walls gilded frames of more traditional art museums.
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Union Market and Lab 1270 
Union Market's heart mural was an instagram MUST when Michelle Obama showed up to paint a few of the hearts and has remained a hit ever since. Union Market in general is a super hip place to visit, with tons of DC's best eateries owning stalls to sell their food. Lab 1270 is right across the street and is like West-Elm meets local artist haven. 
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The Hirschhorn Museum 
The Hirschhorn always has something new, so it's always a great place to visit when you've got a free day. Recently I visited the Yayoi Kusama exhibit and it was easily one of coolest things I've ever seen. Sadly it's moved on to the next city in the tour, but the Hirschhorn will always be filled with the some of the coolest art in the DC area.
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Exploring in Georgetown 
Georgetown is great for photos! There are tons of cute rowhouses in pastel colors, bakeries and coffeeshops galore, tons of shopping, and so many great restaraunts to try out. Whether you stick to  basics like strolling down M street or venturing out past the waterfront, Georgetown and DC in general are awesome for instagrammable food and drink! You can't really go wrong anywhere you end up.
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and last but not least, 
The Cherry Blossoms
You can't have spring in DC without pink blossoms absoutely everywhere. The Tidal Basin is the most popular place to visit, but there are cherry trees planted throughout the city. Come late March, early April the blossoms come out in full force, and local businesses put out fun products to celebrate. Cupcakes, lattes, donuts, cocktails! You can't escape them, but why would you want to?
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What would you instagram in Washington DC?


  1. Pinning this! Georgetown Cupcake has been my favorite place in DC so far!

  2. The painted church is so adorable!!


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