It's Okay To... Vol. 5

It's been a few years since I wrote a post like this, so I figure it's long overdue. It's part of the human condition to have those moments when we're a bit too hard on ourselves, get too wrapped up in work or school, get down in the doldrums for one reason or another, or get in a mood that seems unshakable. It happens sometimes, and there aren't always ways around it and that's okay. So if you'd like a walk down memory lane, I'm here to revisit one of my older post features, a little series I like to call "It's Okay" (as a refresher: here are volumes one, two, three, and four.)

It's okay to...
  • spend time and money on how you look.
  • spend time and money on how you feel.
  • spend time and money on your relationships.
  • cut back on spending in any of those categories when appropriate.
  • make a wishlist of things you'll probably never buy.
  • be someone who hasn't found their LaCroix flavor yet.
  • take a while getting ready, learning a new skill, or finding out what your purpose is.
  • to spend your whole life trying to find out what your purpose is.
  • be the first one to leave the party. We can't all stay forever, plus, someone might be waiting to be the 2nd person to leave, and you could help them out.
  • be afraid of handling the big stuff life will throw at you
  • be afraid of the little stuff sometimes too
  • not know how much to pay into your 401k yet
  • not know what a 401k even is yet (here's a lil info to help)
  • finish the food in your pantry before deciding on a "lifestyle change"
  • try out a lifestyle change and not stick to it permanently (it happens)
  • try out a lifestyle change and commit to it fully, even if it feels unlike you at first.
  • stick to the same drink every happy hour because it's what you know
  • cry when you're happy, angry, or sad.
  • sometimes feel a mix of of those emotions at once.
  • admit you're overwhelmed
  • admit you're underwhelmed (if you're nice about it)
  • spend your night in pajamas watching House Hunters on the couch
  • dislike something that the rest of the general population seems to love
  • not feel or want to be particularly minimalist, "millennial", bohemian, or whatever other buzzword is swirling around at any given moment
  • turn down an opportunity that isn't right for you
  • feel like you've been turned down for an opportunity that seemed perfect
  • feel sad about it
  • or relieved
  • shamelessly avoid making weekend plans so you can bingewatch Shameless
  • take a minute
  • work on yourself
  • enjoy the process

What are your favorite ways to take it easy?


  1. I love this and the idea of it! I am constantly beating myself up over the simplest things, a list like this would help not do that! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love this :) Sometimes we need someone else to remind us that we can give ourselves permission to do the things we want.


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