5 Single Gal Dates to Take Yourself On

Believe it or not, everyone does single life a little differently. There's those that use the time to hang out with friends and family, go on trips, and sip mimosas at Sunday brunch. Those that watch La La Land for the 50th time and cry into their bowl of popcorn, and then those that jump headfirst into the bar scene, tape their boobs up, and usually spend the night woo-ing and shouting "I love being single!" to no one in particular. All are good and valid and important ways of being single.

But no matter which one you do this time, this week, or today, being single means you're in a relationship with yourself (which you should always be, regardless of having a boo thang or not), and hey, you need to treat yourself like it! That means giving yourself respect, understanding, tough love, and a little TLC from time to time.

Here are some easy ways to take yourself out on a date, where you won't feel like people are all huddled together, whispering like "look at that poor lil thing over there, all alone."

1. Take Yourself to a Garden Center
As a plant mom many times over, there's not a lot I love more than a fresh new plant. It's something constructive to lend your time to, it's good for the air around you, and you get to watch it grow so there's a return on the investment. Everyone should own a plant, or five.

2. Book a Spa Treatment
There's pretty much no better way to treat yourself than to get a massage, a manicure or pedicure, or a facial. Or, if you're feeling up for it, get a new bottle of nail polish, a face mask, and have a DIY spa night!

3. Learn Something
Be it a yoga class, a workshop at a pottery studio, a new language, or an online coding webinar, take it upon yourself to get your brain working for you. Not only will it potentially bring new friends or connections, you'll also be building new skills that could aid you in other areas of life. Who knows, you could discover a hidden talent or even a promotion!

4. A Classic: Redbox, Wine, Sushi, & Ben & Jerry's
This is my favorite way to spend an evening. Either a trashy reality show or some weird indie movie, with some Riesling and a box of grocery store sushi. Throw in some PB&Cookies by B&J and you have a NIGHT on your hands.

5. Go to That Place You Always Wanted to Go
We've all got that one place we saw on Instagram and have been dying to visit, but either your friends are busy or not interested, or something always comes up. Maybe take yourself to that art exhibit your coworkers don't really "get." That street festival during the weekend your best friend is going to a wedding. Don't wait around for months to go, if you're into it, do it!

What kind of dates do you take yourself on?

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  1. I'm really struggling with the concept of now being single. I've got plenty of friends who have been keeping me company and taking me out but this has gotten me so excited to focus on myself. Yay to being single!

    Sarah x


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