Seven Things

1. I'm still trying to perfect the iced matcha latte thing. Right now i'm trying to work it out with almond milk and vanilla, but I'm still not sure I'm doing it justice. Any tips?

2. My girl Tatyana wrote a post about one particularly annoying question, and it had me doing *raise hands emoji* the whole time I read it. Check it out here.

3. I've been in search of the perfect winter coat and can't choose between a smart, structured, duster coat, or a pretty, feminine, waist cinching one. This one and this one are currently in the running. Which do you prefer?

4. Corgi beagles are a thing, and although I prefer the adopt-don't-shop route, I would LOVE to snuggle one of these pups.

5. As usual, I'm late to the party on discovering rad new music. I just found out about Sza and I'm totally enamored with her. She has a raspy Amy Winehouse vibe but her style is totally her own. One of my favorites is her song Drew Barrymore, who's namesake actually makes a small appearance in the video. Way to come full circle!

6. I recently discovered Food52 and even though it's a little high-end for my every day cooking, there are a lot of articles and recipes for my "dream kitchen." We're talking make it yourself croissant loafs, must-haves for hosting fancy cocktail parties, and a celebration of 19th century french copper cookware.

7. As a former career graphic designer and current graphic design hobbyist, this SNL skit about the Papyrus font really hit the nail on the head. Plus, Ryan Gosling is just so perfect.

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