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Every year, like most people, I make a list of resolutions. Every year, like most people, I fail to follow through on quite a few of them. That being said, I wrote my 2017 resolutions on the last day of December 2016, and never really looked at them since. Maybe that's a sign that I should tape them somewhere I see them every day (or maybe I should make them my desktop background) but that isn't to say I didn't accomplish a TON in 2017, and I'm sure you did too! Sometimes the universe has other plans for your time.

1. Read one book a month.
Yikes. I think I read maybe 3 books in 2017. I feel bad about this, but I also fanned the flame of my love for podcasts, and saw quite a few great movies this year as well. Not all is lost, but I definitely wish I had read more.

2. Establish a daily routine for productivity.
This, I would say I accomplished, however I still need to optimize it. Having a full time job definitely helps one with a routine. It wouldn't hurt to wake up a little earlier so I'm not rushing so often, and make more room in my schedule to write and take photos for this lil blog here.

3. Take a trip to NYC.
I did this one! You can see a little bit of it here.

4. Take a trip to Toronto.
I didn't quite get this one, but I did visit Chicago and Boston, do that's a win in my book.

5. Continue to grow Red Lip Collective.
While I had a strong start to the year with good ol' Red Lip Co, things got a little busy around the summer with all my travels, so I've had it on vacation for a while. Stay tuned for more stuff in the coming months though!

6. Find a Blogging Schedule that Works for Me.
This one I'm still working on, but I think I'll probably always be trying to blog more consistently, even if I crank out the posts. I'd like to get to two or three posts a week, every week, but overall quality is more important!

7. Simplify.
I'd say I had a successful run at this one, but there is definitely still work to do. I've cut my belongings pretty much in half, and Kate even came over to help me organize some stuff. I hope I fully embrace a more "slow living" type of deal in 2018.

8. Explore my Music and Movie Tastes.
I found so many cool artists this year, and finally switched over to Spotify premium. I also had my fill of Wes Anderson movies and kept up with a ton of Netflix and Hulu flicks.

9. Focus on gratitude, creativity, and beauty in the little things.
This one is also hard to quantify, but I think I managed to pull it off. I took extra time to spend with my friends, relax, drink a lot of tea, travel, and love on my family. I also got to meet my brand new nephew in December - the perfect little thing!

10. Be supportive.
2017 was an important year for listening. For taking in the stories and perspectives of others, for believing those that went against the grain. I made a point to do research, shop and spend more consciously, and to use the small platform I have to boost others whenever possible. I hope moving forward to support more local and small businesses, be an understanding and thoughtful contributor, and to continue to try my best to be as supportive whenever possible.

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  1. It looks like a great accomplishment. As per my experience, we usually start to overlook resolutions in the February month. Staying true to what we have decided is a real deal.


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