My Best Purchases of 2017

2017 was a year of practical purchases for me, as I finally feel like I'm getting my ish together in the right way. I lent a lot of my time to clearing clutter, focusing on quality, and choosing items that were not only right for me style wise, but meaningful in their purposes. Though I did find some super great and practical beauty and fashion items this year, I wanted to share the slightly less glamourous list of items that made me feel more productive, comfortable, and happy overall. Let's get started, shall we?

Drybar Lemon Drop Hairbrush
I'm sure everyone that knows me is SO tired of hearing about this brush, but no joke, it actually changed my life. I have fine, curly, easily tangled hair, and this brush swipes through it so smoothly. It doesn't pull,  I've converted my friends, I'm giving these as holiday gifts, I'm chasing strangers down the streets to tell them, I'm shouting it from the rooftops! In all seriousness, this brush has really made a difference in my everyday life. It sounds so dramatic but it's true!

A New Macbook Pro
My sweet lil 2011 Macbook kicked the bucket this year, and even though it was sad to see it go, my new laptop is so much snappier, more light and compact, has a nicer display, and more brainpower. Of course Apple computers are a big investment and aren't to be taken lightly, but since my last computer lasted me the better part of 7 years (the computer I had before died in 2), I figured I couldn't go wrong. I'm really happy with my new lil machine, and it allows me to keep on bloggin'.

A Night-Time Mouthguard
Okay this one is super dorky, but getting a mouthguard to wear while sleeping was one of the best decisions I've probably ever made. Like so many people, I hold a lot of tension in my jaw, and I grind my teeth in my sleep when I'm stressed. Even though it makes me feel like a linebacker, I no longer have jaw pain and I could not be happier about that. Definitely a good purchase, and I would definitely recommend anybody pick one up. 

An Eye Exam
My day job has me working on the computer all day, and a few weeks ago I started noticing my vision was feeling wonky. I've owned glasses since the 7th grade, but I've never really worn them all that much since I don't need them for driving or living my daily life. As soon as the eye doctor sat me down in the chair and started clicking lenses in front of my eyes, I began to realize how bad my astigmatism had been affecting my focus! After grabbing my new prescription (I hadn't been to the eye doctor since highschool!) I hit up the Warby Parker store and got matched with some super cute frames. If you haven't been to the eye doc in a minute, I suggest you make an appointment. You could be struggling more than you think!

A Bunkie Board
If you'd asked me a year ago I'd've had no idea what a bunkie board was. I learned of this product's existence when I was looking for replacements for my painfully loud and annoying box spring. Seriously, this thing would creak if I even took a breath while in bed. So I bought a bunkie board, which is basically just a grate that sits at the bottom of your bed frame and replaces the need for a box spring. Now, my mattress doesn't sag due to the awfully constructed box spring, and there's no more noise. Plus, there's less to move if I ever change house. Win, win, win!

A Desk/Vanity (With Drawers!!!!)
I've been living life with a lame little table as my desk/vanity in my room for the past 5 years. This lame little table, like most surfaces, only seemed to gather clutter. Cut to finding a new desk with drawers, so all my makeup, my clutter, office supplies, and the like, can get out of sight and organized. It's fully functional as a desk, and as soon as I get a nice tabletop mirror, it'll be a full fledged vanity too! I can't be the only one that gets seriously excited about new furniture, and when if comes to buying new yet still affordable - Overstock, Target, and Wayfair are your friends!

What are your best purchases of the year?


  1. My dentist has been trying to remind me I need a nightguard for years. Is it horrible to have it in while you try to sleep? I don't know if I could find it comfortable (but I guess I'd have to try first, right?)

    I could go for a new Macbook Pro! Mine is a late 2008 model and it's still somehow, magically, hanging on.

  2. God bless the bunkie board. Can't wait to see your new desk! <3


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