My Weeknight Routine + How You Can Rock Yours

It's a new year! When did that happen? With the beginning of 2018 bright in the sky, I've been reworking and tweaking some of my routines to create a weekly schedule that works best for me. Below is my tried-and-true method for packing in all the things I need into my week. I've laid each of these things out by weekday, but sometimes these days will shift around. Nothing is set in stone, and flexibility is key for making it work. Plus, variety is the spice of life, and sometimes you gotta keep it spicy!

Monday is for Housekeeping
On Mondays I'm usually still recuperating from the weekend, feeling kind of sleepy, and sometimes a little grumpy. This is when my cupboard is most likely to be bare, the laundry is piling up, and the stack of mail on our entry table is getting a bit too tall. That's why I've decided Mondays are my butt kicking days (meaning I've gotta kick myself in the butt to get anything done) and it will top the week off with a nice big check mark if I get a bit of productivity in there. Mondays are when I'll throw a load of laundry in the wash, run to the grocery store, and pick up around the house.

Tuesday is for TLC
For some reason, Tuesday always feels like the longest day of the week, so more often than not I need an early week pick-me-up. This is when I'll "treat myself" to a tea latte and maybe a croissant either during my lunch or after work, and then head home (sometimes I have a Tuesday night yoga class as well!) and have a quiet night in. Lately on Tuesdays my roommates and I have been catching up on The Batchelor on Hulu, and I've been painting my nails and doing a face mask before bed. This is when I really pay attention to my skincare, and try to pamper myself a little in order to tackle the rest of the week ahead.

Wednesday is for Happy Hour
Since I usually spend the first two nights of the week in at home, Wednesday is my day to get out and about. Whether it's happy hour with friends, a quick trip to the mall, a movie date or a group dinner, it's always nice to make a point to nurture my inner social butterfly, and to catch up with the important people in my life! Though I don't always have roaring Wednesday nights, it's nice to reach out to a few friends and try to get the ball rolling on some plans.

Thursday is for Geting Down to Business
Now that I've had a chance to pick up, unwind, and hang out, it's time to work on my side hustles! Thursday nights I try to get some blogging stuff done, be it writing, scheduling posts, or taking part in a twitter chat. Thursdays are also Podcast days, and I'll head over to my friend Lee's apartment and we'll record an episode! By the way, if you haven't checked out Millennial Mixology, you should do that now! Thursdays always have me feeling pumped up and I usually end up writing a to-do list for the next week that's a mile long.

Friday is Time to Partaay!
Obviously Friday is the start of the weekend, and given the four days beforehand, I'll choose what I want to do accordingly. That could mean going into the city for some drinks, heading south to visit family, or sitting at home watching Toddlers and Tiaras. I've been meaning to make relaxing a priority in my weekend, but half the time I want to go-go-go and get as much stuff packed in before the week starts back up again! Friday is a great day to listen to yourself and figure out what you really should be doing with the next two days. I also use it to pick up any of the slack from earlier in the week if I missed out on anything.

This is the schedule that works best for me, but I understand this formula won't exactly fly for everyone. If you have a less consistent schedule, kids, more than one job, or are in school, life can feel a bit more cluttered and hectic. And that's okay!

The one thing I think is most important is to sit down and ask yourself "What are the five most important things to my overall well-being?" and do your best to schedule those things within your free time, even if it's just for minutes a day.

For example, my five things are:
1. Implementing a little organization and structure (Monday)
2. Self-Care (Tuesday)
3. Spending time with friends and loved ones (Wednesday)
4. Passion Projects (Thursday)
5. Wiggle room (Friday)

This could mean taking one night a week to have a game night with family, siging up for a yoga class, take an acting lesson, cooking a really indulgent meal, or just scheduling some blank space. Designating a "theme" for each day of the week gives you enough variety AND enough focus to nourish all the aspects of your life that deserve the most attention.

What is your weekly schedule like?

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  1. Love this, I am all about structure and routines! Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah Lillian |


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