Winter 2018 | Faves + Unfaves

It's officially Spring, and most of the east coast was plummeted with inches of snow to celebrate! That's good ole climate change for you... but I won't rant, I'll just drop this post here.

Now the topic for today... the Ins & Outs of Winter (January-March) 2018. I've decided that for a new feature on the blog, I'll compile a list of what's "In" and what's "Out" this season - a nod to Massie Block's "Current State of the Union", if you read the Clique books growing up, if not, excuse me for that hyper-niche reference (but you can check out this pinterest board, it's a goldmine) - It's just what it sounds like. What's in and what's out, according to me this month. I'll try to make it juicy if I can. I'd love to hear yours too, so please leave a comment!

  • MoviePass, no joke I've used this thing so many times already.
  • Movies worth seeing: Red Sparrow, Black Panther, and Thoroughbreds
  • Going to bed early
  • A nightly skincare routine that has you going to bed looking like a wax figure (shiny af) but waking up with the skin of a well-hydrated toddler.
  • Yellow everything.
  • Speaking of yellow - I've been wearing these Vans nonstop.
  • Berets! I bought one, yet to be debuted on the head, but I'll wear it soon!
  • Handwritten notes. Seriously, write someone one! It will make their day.
  • Girls night in with wine, a meat and cheese tray - charcuterie if you wanna sound fancy - and a 90s rom com.
  • Knowing what kind of wine you like. I'm a riesling or rosé gal usually, but will make an exception for sweet red. Petit manseng is my all-time favorite, but hard to find.
  • Jumpsuits.
  • Candlefish candles - #94 is my favorite!
  • Productivity apps. My fave is "Todoist"
  • Lip stain
  • Astrology
  • Enneagrams (I'm a #4. What number are you?)
  • Penne with marinara and sausage
  • Buying gifts for others (and yourself) on Etsy. Handmade is the WAY!
  • Fika breaks - I'll take mine with tea and a croissant, thanks.
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Meghan Markle. I'm obsessed!
  • Whatever new Frappuccino flavor is out right now (magic carpet? sea witch?)
  • Ketchup
  • Off the shoulder tops (I wish I could rock these but they look awful on me!)
  • People interrupting / talking over one another
  • Matte lipstick
  • Beer, in general.
  • Easter candy. Can we have Valentine's back?
  • YouTuber book deals. I'm happy people are getting these opportunities, but I haven't found too many of the books to actually be good. More books written by talented young authors, please!
  • The crazy weather causing a weak cherry blossom bloom this year
What are your ins and outs of the month?


  1. what a lovely post. yes to yellow everything especially! and i was so into enneagrams when i first did my test - i'm an 8/5, haha! but i have to disagree with at least one thing since i am 100% here for all the easter sweets! xx

  2. What a fun post to read!! I’m in NJ and couldn’t believe how much snow we received—again!!—this morning: it’ll never end! Hope you’re staying warm :)

    Starbucks needs to chill with all the weird flavors lately—too much sugar and just give me coffee please and thank you :) also I love my Riesling too. And I’ve yet to find a jumpsuit but I’m determined!!

  3. Love this list idea! I've also been living in vans too!


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