Seven Things

1. Looking for a positively charged week? Start with this to-do list.

2. Coconut curry chicken meatballs? Okay!

3. I'm going to Germany in September and I'm dying to go to pretty much all of these places.

4. This dress from Loft is what lounging on a beachside patio with a fruity drink kind of dreams are made of.

5. Abbey Karson's style is the absolute best thing ever. Can she dress me?! wow wow wow

6. I tried a golden milk latte a few weeks ago, and shockingly, I didn't hate it. Here's a recipe, try it hot or iced!

7. If you're into crystals, check out this guide to crystal healing!

What are you loving lately?


  1. Ohhh Germany will be so fun! Look up "Wayfaring with Wagner," my friend Jordan's blog. She has lived in Germany for several years on and off and explores the most charming little towns!

    1. Thank you so much Emily! I will definitely check her out :)


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