#NoSpendJune: How I Did

If you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug, @jssbckly) you may have seen a post where I challenged myself to embark on "No Spend June." This is exactly what it sounds like - not spending on anything except the essentials for an entire 30 days. But how did I do?

As far as total spending goes, I did scale it back quite a bit. I avoided online shopping, though a few time sensitive purchases did slip through - a bridesmaids dress and a plane ticket to be exact. Both of those items were on the higher end, but I had previously planned and saved to make those purchases, so in the end they did not have much effect on my long term savings plans, and I found myself cutting back in other areas because I saw these balances on my accounts as a reminder to keep it cheap for the rest of the month.

As far as food and groceries go, I've never really been a big spender. I usually go out for dinner once a week or less, but I do get lazy and buy lunch out from time to time. This month I did my best to cut that out completely, but I did have a few occasions pre-planned, like taking my mom out for brunch for mother's day (busy moms make you wait a whole month!), a bridal party catch up, and a few dates. Where groceries are concerned I pretty much always shop smart, but I made a point to limit non-necessities like snack foods and unhealthy bits. 

Things that slipped by me in June (aka the bullets of shame):
  • While recovering from a surgery and feeling quite icky while working from home, I Amazon Prime Now'd some gatorade and Advil, which made it more expensive than regular gatorade, but I felt truly awful and was not yet cleared to drive. Justifiable enough, maybe.
  • Once I could drive again, I drove a lot. And parked. And took the metro. Not cheap. Oops.
  • A $7 Madewell dress on eBay got me. Not sorry, it's really cute.
  • Gifts. I feel like everybody's birthday is in June. All these geminis!
  • Round trip flight to Germany. Had to book it before the price went up. Got a good deal, and I saved up. Planned purchases for the win!
  • Bridesmaids dress for one of my best friend's weddings. It's pretty so I'm not mad.
  • A tiki glass at a thrift store. 99 cents.
  • Still paid for Moviepass, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Adobe Creative Suite, and all my other "you won't die if you don't have them" bills like internet and phone.
So while I didn't spend nothing in June, I managed to spend below my means. I would like to keep this up, but maybe after July... which is my Birthday month after all.

What are you saving up for?
Would you ever try a No Spend month?
Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Sounds like you did pretty good! I'd say surgery is a pretty great excuse for spending on Amazon Prime Now. And I mean, who can pass up a $7 Madewell dress?!

  2. I might try a don't spend month. My biggest expenditure is paying down my credit card bills. it seems like even when I budget, something always comes up where I need to use my credit card--surprise prescription or doctor's appointment for myself or my daughters. *rollseyes* I know I can do better.


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