Seven Things

1. If you're in the mood for an ugly cry, check out this video of a group of sailors rescuing a humpback whale from a fishing net.

2. Butter pecan cookies, need I say more? Add some chocolate chips and I'm IN!

3. In this heatwave I'm having a sundress moment. This, this, and this are what I'm talking 'bout. What are you wearing this summer?

4. I'm still not over my Meghan Markle obsession, and I doubt I will be for a really long time. This peek inside her pre-Royal life have me swooning over beagles and peonies. At least one of each please!

5. Some etsy faves: linen jumpsuit, gin bar sign, art deco stacking ring, babe blanket, and this champagne scented candle.

6. I would love to go zero waste, and I'm really inspired seeing people participating in #PlasticFreeJuly. Here are some other tips for starting your journey!

7. Need some drink inspiration? The Charleston Pink Lady is up next on my to-try list!

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