What I Got Myself for My Birthday

Hello again friends! You may have noticed I got a new blog design - though if you didn't - now's the time to look! I'd love to hear what you think!

It's now August, but the last week of July was my 24th birthday, and I definitely used the age old "Treat Yo Self" motto when it came to basically the entire month. I tried not to go overboard since I am traveling to Germany at the end of summer, but my birthday was definitely an excuse to splurge.

Here's what I bought!

Rose Quartz 'Jade' Roller - This thing feels so cooling on the skin! I thought that rose quartz was a pretty addition to my beauty routine, and I love that it came in silver rather than the oh-so-standard gold. Anybody else not a fan of gold? Silver only please!

Leo Constellation Pendant - I got this Leo constellation pendant from Mejuri, and it was a bit of a splurge at $78, but given that it is sterling silver with white sapphire stones, I figured it was worth the investment. I've already gotten so many compliments on it, and I figure it's a subtle nod to my astrological sign without screaming that I'm one of those astrology people (but let's be real, I AM one of those astrology people.)

All Clad Frying Pan - I found this gem during a trip to HomeGoods, and since I've been wanting to up my kitchen game, I was so hype that I found this baby at a heavily discounted price.

Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser - Another one of my discount finds - this bad boy usually runs around $120 and I ordered mine for less than half of that on Ebay. Sephora recently came out with a blush pink version, but I got the white stone diffuser. I've been putting it on before bed and I've been really loving trying out new essential oil blends.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads - These have done wonders for my skin! They're gentle exfoliants, and have really been improving my skin texture so far.

Silver Passport Case - I had to renew my passport this past year since I'm visiting Germany next month, and of course that's the perfect reason to accessorize!

Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses - I've been wanting a pair of Ray-Bans for yeeears now, and I knew I had to grab these puppies when I saw them on Poshmark! I've yet to debut them on the 'gram but you can be sure I'll be rocking these on the beach in the coming months.

What are you shopping for lately?


  1. You know you're getting older when you're like "look at this great deal on this pan!" Ha! I splurged on a really nice pan like that that we use almost every single day...totally worth it!

    I'm going to check out those facial pads!

  2. The jade roller looks awesome! I've heard of it being around for hundreds of years in Asian culture. Looks like I'll have to get one too and use it with a cold face gel!


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