In Defense of Valentine's Day | with Gift Guide for Him, Her, + Home

Valentine's Day is hands down one of my favorite holidays, which is funny because I never really celebrate it in the "traditional" manner. I loved passing out little folded cards and a lollipop when I was in elementary school (why don't we do this as adults?!) and seeing paper hearts and red glitter decorations really bring me joy. There are so many haters out there that accuse Vday of being about the shady candy corporations and florists hocking overpriced bouquets, but I've never viewed valentine's day as an obligation to show my loved ones how I feel about them with a cheesy card, a Whitman's sampler, or roses and a mylar baloon. Valentine's Day for me is about the mood of the holiday. Pink things, hearts, wine, chocolates. Sure, you can have a fancy dinner or a bar of Ghirardelli literally any other night of the year, but there's just something so sweet and lovely about valentine's day. I've been single, heartbroken, and in love in valentine's pasts, and that's never changed my opinion. This year for valentine's day I'm planning to kick back, relax with a glass of wine and maybe a bubble bath. I'll text my friends and FaceTime someone special. So no matter where you are relationship wise - valentine's day is a holiday for everyone. Plus, candy goes on sale bright and early on the 15th. What's not to love about that?

If you're looking for a gift for your lover, your mom, or even yourself, here are my picks:
What are your Valentine's Day plans?

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