Hello there! I'm Jess, the girl behind Writing in Red Lipstick.

I'm a twenty-something English Major living in the DC Metro area.

Writing in Red Lipstick is a place where I share my passions, embarrassing moments, things I love, things I've learned, my travels, and of course, my love of lipstick.

This blog began as a "self exploration" assignment during my freshman year of college. We were asked to create some form of media that showcased our personality. Even after the class ended, I kept up with it as an online journal and it has since grown into this little space!

Through blogging, I have learned so much, met so many great people, and have had tons of awesome opportunities and experiences!

As for me, I'm an INFP, I'm fascinated by Tudor England, the Roaring 20s, classic literature and pop culture. My biggest passions are traveling and helping people, and my biggest dream is to find a way to combine those two and blog about the journey.

I have made the decision to support cruelty-free beauty and healthcare brands, and feature only those on my blog. Read about that here.

Outside of WiRL, I spend a lot of time attending classes, exploring DC and the surrounding areas, going hiking or doing yoga, painting, playing with Adobe software, entertaining friends, or browsing the local thrift store.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I hope you'll stick around. 

You can find me on

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